I am dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for students to support their focus and exploration of the body, mind and spirit. My goal is creating an intense yet healthy long term yoga practice.


Teaching Style

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Mysore Style)
I will give you a yoga routine according to your ability and provide verbal and physical adjustments. Expect a self practice of a portion of the Ashtanga sequence at your own pace. I’m there to give one-on-one instructions.

Vinyasa Flow (Led)
In my Vinyasa flow class I combine both the Ashtanga and Iyengar approach. Expect a re-mix of yoga postures that incorporates warm up and breathing exercises, standing, seating, prone and supine postures as well as flow sequences. Zero routine – the sequence changes every time.


Studio Program

Coming soon!



Private  Program

90 minutes yoga class customized to meet individual needs. At your home. One-on-one, duets or groups. Vinyasa, therapy, pre- and postnatal yoga. I develop a sequence specific to your body and your personal goals, selecting the exercises that will benefit you the most. Invite your friend, colleague or partner to help keep you motivated.

Price: 60€ per class up to 5 students

(yoga mats provided by students)



Business Program

I come to your office once a week and teach a 60 or 90-minute yoga class in a designated area. Sequences are specifically designed to prevent and alleviate chronic symptoms that occur from sitting and stress, as well as to create mental clarity and focus. Solid body workout, breath work and meditation will make your employees feel refreshed, recharged and ready to face new challenges. At any time of a day. In a conference or chill out room.

Price: 75€ per class for up to 6 students, and 100€ for more than 6 students

(yoga mats provided by students/company)



At-Your-Desk Program

I teach your team a 30 min. sequence of simple exercises directly at the workspace at any time of the day. Desks and chairs as props. No changing, no mats, no special room. Just half an hour or energizing and relaxing yoga and breath work to feel refreshed and recharged. Your team will be more creative and efficient at the work right after.

Price: 65€ per class